Backup4all Lite

Backup4all Lite

Backup4all is an award-winning data backup software for Windows
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Backup4all is powerful data backup software designed to run on Windows OS, starting with Windows 2000 (Desktop or Server) up to Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server. Its great reviews and awards made me give it a try, especially when my girlfriend started using my laptop and I didn’t want any of my files to vanish. So, without telling her, not to hurt her feelings, I installed Backup4all just to be on the safe side. The thing I instantly liked about this software was its intuitive interface, with the “Brief View” and “Getting started” options to guide me through the process of backing up and with the “Explore View” button to show me the files to backup. The built-in scheduler allowed me to manage my backups to be performed when I was at work, using my laptop, not when my girlfriend was surfing the Internet. The capability of performing multiple operations at once without cluttering my computer was the thing which convinced me to stick with Backup4all for future. However, the feature that caught my eye was the different ways of compressing files, according to the amount of data on your files. As my hard drive was loaded with files, a high compression rate backup software was a necessity, so I furthermore tested Backup4all to see if my good impression about it will be confirmed. It was nice to discover that Backup4all compresses files in two different ways, using a standard zip compression for files smaller than 2 Gigabytes and the powerful, zip64 technology, for any file larger than 2 Gigabytes. Being able to schedule the data backup when my computer is shutting down was a certain confirmation that I should keep Backup 4all as my computer’s guardian angel.

Amelia Wagner
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